These tools and information sources support your physical and emotional development.  As you get used to the language and the ideas...  you will probably begin to notice that they represent a different sort of "common sense".  The ideas come from cognitive behavioral psychology, research in physical and emotional development and established "Brain Science".  We have chosen what to include here during our career long testing of the ideas in clinical work and in our personal healing and growth.


    None of the ideas are very new and are not controversial.  The ideas are generally accepted as effective tools in healing trauma and promoting development by the medical and insurance communities and the licensing and educational institutions.


    Human physical and emotional development is strong and full of power.  Modern society with it's vast manipulations, complexities and dangers make normal human development more difficult for every person.  Many people seek help when they begin to feel that their life has begun to feel impossible or they have become aware of disorientation or anger or are troubled by various kinds of relationship dysfunction.


    Some people find real help from their doctor or psychiatrist in the form of modern medicines to help with mood disorders, anxiety and other mental health conditions.  These days doctors usually refer these clients to mental health professionals with a background in this information so you can have the benefit of this knowledge by learning the self-care skills contained here.


    Modern language usage tends to make safety, boundaries, relationships and family and community roles more difficult.  This increases stress and troubles our lives.  Many of the difficulties of modern life can be reduced by choosing our ideas and our language more carefully.  Healthy human development requires air and food and exercise that are health promoting.  Healthy development requires that we reduce any exposure to toxic substances.  Choosing the ideas and the language we use in daily life can reduce the stress and anxiety and complexity of modern life and reduce our exposure to toxic levels of manipulation and boudarylessness that make relationships difficult and slows down our emotional development and is even toxic to our physical health.


    Using the tools presented here can revitalize your development and simplify and clarify our communication.  These tools can help you know what boundaries you need and how to build them peacefully.



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