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Parent’s Night Group Member

Connie And Chuck

It is through the support of this group [Parent’s Night], and the teachings from Chuck and his wife Connie that I am learning to parent my children therapeutically. Chuck has helped me understand the challenges and issues my children are confronted with, and how I can assist and support them in their recovery process. It is [through] the collective strength and courage of this group that I have finally learned to break many chains holding me hostage in my past. Chuck's methods of therapeutic parenting are effective and non-abusive. I have attended this group for two years. I believe that without the support and education I received, without the family counseling he later provided, I would have had to face the fatal loss of one or more of my children. Yet again, I am often reminded by my supporters of my courage, my vigilance, and my willingness to learn. Chuck often points out the tremendous courage it took to "break the rules" of my childhood... and again, I become empowered.

Family Therapy Client


You have seen my ex-husband, his wife and myself three times now. (That’s a fragment I know)  When I first made the appointment with you, I believed I was doing something for my child, my ex-husband and his wife.  Little did I know how very much you would do for me, or should I say allow me to learn.  I have lost count of my "light-bulb moments” I have been in counseling myself for over six years for events that have occurred in my life, some very traumatizing.  I have carried fear, guilt and sadness bigger than I ever knew existed in all the world, let alone in one life.  Thank you for fearlessly and at times painfully honestly sharing skills lead to a better heart, soul and life....for myself and my children.


PS  You have my permission to use this email on your website (please not my name) I would be happy to share with others your gift.  And I do believe it is a gift.

Parent’s Night Group Members

Connie & Chuck

The combination of Parenting Classes at the Skagit Family Study Center, the Parenting Tool Box book, and the Self Time Out website has saved at least one person's life in our household.  Our gratitude goes out to Connie Bonner-Britt M.A. and Chuck Britt M.A. who have been teaching us how to be Therapeutic Parents. They have helped us make plans in situations that seemed impossible. They have been our coaches, our team members, and our cheerleaders. Connie and Chuck have expertise in directing families to resources that are available within the community (although currently they are limited).


Without the Skagit Family Study Center and all the services that come with it, we would have been stuck alone in several scary situations when our household was not safe. Connie and Chuck are always professional, honest and compassionate. We cherish the Britt's for the healing and guidance they have helped us find within our community and our home.


I must comment on how grateful I am that there are 3 choices to how I am feeling, and what I need. []  I have never come out off the self time out site without filling all three.  Thank you, good job.



John W. Leist, MD

(Dr. Leist had a long career as a Psychiatrist in Delaware, Ohio)


NOTE:  Below are excerpts from his review of Parenting Tool Box:

          Parenting Tool Box is now available free at:


As depicted in the text, a good parent is able to identify and focus on his or her own feelings and needs and then help a child to do the same.  Then the parent and child can affect each other favorably and there is a possibility of growth and learning, and new things can emerge in both lives.


In my opinion this method of functioning leaves it up to God to be in charge, and helps all family members to develop strong caring and giving kinds of love for each other.


It appears to me that getting a grasp of the parenting tools outlined in this book does the same for parents and children as does good psychiatric practice, and as such constitutes a great service to the community. The ability of this work to identify dangerousness is one of the outstanding benefits.


It seems to me that juvenile and adult court personnel could benefit from training by the authors of this fine book, but it may be (I am not sure from reading the book) that a court or courts may already be referring people to the Skagit Family Study Center (the office of the authors of this book) for care. And I recommend this book to all psychotherapists and to the caregivers in mental health clinics.

Gregory A. Merrill, M.S.W. Therapist

(Mount Vernon, Washington)


As a therapist who is often in the role of training parents of behaviorally disturbed children, I have found it most helpful to share this guide with the parents.  Ms. Bonner-Britt and Mr. Britt offer a beacon to parents who experience confusion about their role and/or become exceedingly frustrated attempting to set meaningful limits with their often challenging children.  The authors write with an accessible style, using plain language and offering helpful examples.  I only wish this valuable resource were available years ago.

Sydney Joy Burmidis

(Art Therapist, Santa Rosa, California)


I thought it was very well done.  [Parenting Tool Box 2nd Ed.]  It will be very good for our parents.  I like the material and how it is presented.  Bless you and good work.


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